Jeffrey Jackson

I am a small business owner, and an iOS / Mac software engineer available for hire.

Previous Work

I've been building software since 2001. I started building Mac apps back in 2005, and then iOS a few years later when the SDK was first announced. In 2009, I started AutoLean, Inc., a small software company that provides iOS/Mac, Android, and .NET development services for manufacturers and industrial oriented businesses. AutoLean uses mobile devices and lean manufacturing methodologies to increase productivity and safety, assist in problem solving, and manage assets in industrial settings.

Around late 2012 I started volunteering to help get Over off the ground. In 2013 I took a hiatus from everything else to work full time at Over as Founder and Engineer. It's now one of the most popular apps for editing photos with great typography on the App Store. During my time there as Founder/Engineer, I built new rendering engines, multiple UI/UX improvements, and a highly scalable backend for managing IAPs and user accounts. Over was featured as Starbucks App of Week, as well as during Apple's 5 year birthday campaign which allowed us to onboard several million users within 1 week. We also built a few other popular apps like Obaby & Obaby+, and Overgram. While my time with Over was very rewarding as a software engineer, I made the decision to go back full-time with AutoLean in January 2014.

In the coming months I plan on starting another christian based business, but one that provides software products and development services outside of my manufacturing client base.


You can get a copy of my resume here.

Get in Touch

You can find me either at Twitter, LinkedIn, or on GitHub.

Feel free to send me an email at


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